We at FGP Manufacture FRP tanks to suit the chemicals and for a longer life period.

Water Storage Tanks, Effluent Storage Tanks, Treated Water Storage Tanks, HCl Storage Tanks, Sodium Chlorite – Hypo Storage Ta

We also offer various thermoplastic Liners like: 

  1. PP – Polypropylene
  2. PVC – PolyVinyl Chloride
  3. C-PVC – Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride
  4. HDPE – High Density Poly Ethylene
  5. PVDF – Poly Vinilidine Flouride
  6. PTFE – Polytetrafloroethylene
  7. FEP – fluorinated Ethylene propylene
  8. E-CTFE – Chlorotrifluroethylene
  9. PFA – Perfluroalkoxy

We manufacture the FRP Tanks with manufacturing processes like : Hand-Lay up Process / Contact Moulding , Filament Winding Process , Spray Lay up.

The design codes followed by us to maintain the quality of the product are : BS : 4994 : 1987, BS EN 13121, ASME  – SECTION – X, ASME RTP -1-2000, ASTM D 3229-81, ASME B 16.5.

The resin system used are :

  1. Polyester
  2. Vinyl Ester
  3. Epoxy
  4. Phenolic

The Various Storage tanks manufactured by us for different industries are : 

  1. Horizontal / Vertical Orientation tanks
  2. Ultra pure Water tanks
  3. Underground Storage tanks
  4. Food Storage tanks
  5. FRP Silos
  6. Chemical Storage tanks

Our capacity ranges from 1000 Litres to 2, 50,000 Litres. In past we have manufactured FRP Panel Tank – with capacity of 675m3. 

We manufacture FRP Tanks with Vertical & Horizontal Orientation.  Both Underground FRP Tank & Above ground FRP Tanks are manufactured by us.  For Above ground FRP Tank applications, we supply accessories like: Saddles for mounting of the tanks. The saddle can be inbuilt as part of the tanks OR can be supplied separately. The MOC options of the saddle ranges available are: FRP, MS, MS/FRP. With tie down strap – as optional. For Underground FRP Tank applications, we supply accessories like: Deadman Weight, Turnbuckle assemble, Tie strap, Manhole Extension, Nozzles extensions. For FRP Tanks, we have options of the connections: Flanged end Nozzles / NPT fittings – as per our customer’s requirement. We also provide options for our esteemed customers for other accessories like : Cat ladder with safety cage, Ladder cleat on the tank, Level Indicator, Top safety Railing, Working platform – with safety railing.

And for various different applications across the Industries like : Infrastructure, Chemical, Petroleum, Caustic Plants, Chlor Alkali Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sugar Refineries, ETP Plants, Textile Industries, Leather Industries, Starch Industries, Food Processing Industries. 


We also carry out FRP Lining at site for concrete & steel. We have dedicated team for site fabrication. The tanks are utilized in various industries ranging from textile, steel processing, distillery, refinery, alkali, caustic, soda, HCl, Hypo and many others. 


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