The FRP Pressure tanks are widely used in HEAT PUMPS for pressurised water storage application.

We at FGP Manufacture High pressure FRP Tank. The tanks are used for Hot water application majorly used in commercial purpose like: Hotels, Resorts, and Apartments. These tanks are used along with Heat Pump for storing hot water. We design and manufacture tanks with capacity from 100 Litres up to 10000 litres capacity. With pressure range from 2 kg/cm2 up to 16 kg/cm2. The design codes followed by us to maintain the quality of the product are : BS : 4994 : 1987, BS EN 13121, ASME  – SECTION – X, ASME RTP -1-2000, ASTM D 3229-81, ASME B 16.5.

We manufacture the FRP Tanks with manufacturing processes like: Hand-Lay up Process / Contact Moulding, Filament Winding Process, and Spray Lay up.

The resin systems used are:

  1. Polyester
  2. Vinyl Ester
  3. Epoxy
  4. Phenolic

The tanks are manufactured in Vertical / Horizontal orientation. We offer combination of connections like: NPT fittings, Flanged End nozzles. We also offer optional Heating Coil for steam for backup heating.

We offer optional Electrical Heating – for back up. We have successfully installed our tanks within India, Maldives, Mauritius, London, Ontario, USA .

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