FRP Self Supporting Covers :

We at FGP design, Manufacture & Install FRP Supporting Covers / FRP Self Supporting Roof.

These Supporting Covers are deigned to be installed on large diameter RCC tanks. 

The design is as such that no steel structure is required for the FRP Self Supporting Covers. The base can be either Circular, Ellipsoidal , Rectangular or Square. The base of FRP Self Supporting Covers are mounted and anchored on the RCC wall and the segments are joined together with fasteners. We use AISI 316 / 304 fasteners only for longer life. The Anchor bolts can be either AISI 316 mechanical anchor bolts / chemical anchor bolts – as per the site requirement.

We design and manufacture the FRP Self Supporting Covers with diameter range of minimum 5mtr Dia – largest being 36mtre Dia. 

The segments are designed and manufactured in such a fashion that it can be easily transported in container for overseas installation.

These FRP Self Supporting Covers finds use in various industries like: WWT Plants, ETP Plants, Mining industries and many more. 

These covers are specially used for Odour control in ETP & WTP plants as a cover for Primary sedimentation Tank, Aeration Tank, Gravity Sludge thickener tank.

We are capable to design even large Dia Covers for our valuable customers.

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