Product Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity 10 Set
  • Material Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Polypropylene (PP)
  • Height 10-20mtr Turbine
  • Diameter 24 inch
  • Brand FGP
  • Area To Be Ventilated 100000 sq ft

The Turbo Ventilator offered by us requires no electricity for their operation. These ventilators use wind energy to induce airflow by centrifugal action. The centrifugal force is created by rotating vanes in the low-pressure zone. These products draw fresh air from outside and replace it continuously with polluted air and hot air. These can be operated even when there is minimum wind pressure is available to spin ventilator. In case wind has stopped, its flywheel effect will use stored energy to rotate and maintain fresh airflow.


  • No electricity
  • No operating cost
  • No maintenance
  • Runs on wind energy
  • Most Economical
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